The Francis Foundation is a small private non-profit agency that serves both children and adults with developmental disabilities. Those referred to our program struggle with maintaining relationships and often lack the skills to cope with stress and frustration effectively.

The Francis Foundation uses a Strategic Self-Regulation Therapy model as its core clinical program. It relies on theories of:

  • Learned Helplessness
  • Hopefulness, Attachment Theory
  • Cognitive and Emotional Development

as a basis for designing interventions. The program focuses on the success of the person(s) in our care; the development of relationships and attachments that are positive and helpful, and the use of those relationships as vehicles for both cognitive and emotional development.

The program is entirely community based and all people served live in "flexibly designed" therapeutic home settings. The developmental homes have regular contact with clinicians, ongoing trainings, and service coordination to create individualized programs.

The Francis Foundation currently provides the following services: Housing & Home Support, Case management, respite, clinical counseling, community supports and employment supports.

Welcome to a place where Hope is the building stones of our foundation.

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